What applicants think...

“OLAS is fast, friendly, and a click away!...” - Rose Prati

“…Without a doubt in my mind, the OLAS site was the best tool available to me in finding employment, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart...” - Diane Frawley

“As an out-of-state applicant, the OLAS system proved to be an invaluable resource for me…” - Genevieve S. Duque

“…With the click of a mouse you can view current job postings and submit your resume and application…” - Karen Bloom

“…like having a personal on-line recruiter!...” - Diana Fletcher Randle

“…I got many phone calls and interviews from postings on your site…” – Katie Kavanagh

“…Within a matter of days, I had my first interview, followed a week later by a demo, then an offer…” - Peter Lee

“…Instructions were clear and concise, and e-mail response to my application was nearly immediate…” - Seth Moldow

“…BOCES has kept up with technology by providing a site that enables educators to find the right position and hopefully the correct fit.” - Vivian Koppelman, Ed.D.

“It’s fast, it’s current, and best of all, it works!” - Brennan Mahoney

“I recommend any teacher serious about seeking a new position to use this method of contacting schools throughout the area.” - Julius Adams

“…speedy and painless…the system is a boon to applicants and employers alike.” - Kathryn M. Sajdak

“…Without having access to local papers or an intricate knowledge of districts in the area, OLAS made the transition possible.” - Jim Miles, Minnesota teacher extraordinaire hoping to move to New York

“…I especially appreciated the security features which help protect my personal information on-line.” - Wendy L. Ham

“…more job listings than any other source! Keep up the good work!” - Jolene Harrod

“…you don’t have to be a computer expert to use it.” - Richard Desiderio

“…I really like the convenience of applying to multiple districts at the same time.” - Mackenzie Marks

“…I’m very impressed by the site and by the number of school districts that use it…” - Roberta Hurwitz

“…I am happily employed as an Assistant Principal, about to become a Principal, due in part to the services of OLAS…” - Marianne Serratore

“…I applied to 12 schools in minutes. I saved money too, because I didn’t have to mail anything or photocopy a single sheet of paper…” - Steven M. Blais

“…I accomplished my job search in minutes compared to the hours it used to take printing resumes, addressing envelopes, and mailing them to prospective employers.” - Hollie Masso

“…I have been on over 10 interviews due to my resume and cover letter being posted on-line…” - Stephanie Hamilton

“…the ability of the system to be current and up-to-date is remarkable…” - Christopher Derrico

“…I am thankful that I did not have to fill out tons of applications and look in newspapers for openings. This is the way to go.” - Kimberly Wood

“…OLAS helped me to learn about the school district(s) of my choice before I went on an interview…” - Charise King

What districts think...

“OLAS has dramatically improved our recruiting practices, allowing us to streamline process and procedures. Thank you!...” - Barbarann Tantillo, Asst. Supt., Public Schools of the Tarrytowns

“…Within 24 hours of posting an emergency vacancy, we had 28 applicants. The final candidate was in the classroom 2 days later. Thank you for making this possible.” - Jennifer Dolan-Waldman, Asst. Supt. for Instruction, Irvington UFSD

“…I used the system to apply for a job. Now I’m a Principal using the system. The interface is easy, and I like being able to print out cover letters and resumes…” - Jennifer Harriton-Wilson, Principal, New City Elementary School

“…I have been quite happy with the site. I can narrow my search for candidates by using very specific criteria. The e-mail feature is very convenient…” - D. Reda, Ardsley UFSD

“OLAS has helped to provide us with a way for staff to screen resumes at the same time from different locations, even from home!...” - Jennifer Dolan-Waldman, Asst. Supt. for Instruction, Irvington UFSD